Turning on the Lights…

Turning on the Lights in a Dark [Data] Room


Turning on the Lights in a Dark [Data] Room

Companies, business units and individuals are all amassing huge volumes of disparate data. One way or another, we are paying for it or not recognizing the opportunity cost associated with all that data. This is what has led to the term “dark data.” Some organizations are masterfully using dark data to build their business. Yet, others succumb to the costly pains of trudging through small percentages of data amongst their huge data stores in reaction to a legal event. It’s time for the convergence of expertise and resources in information governance, data analytics, business intelligence, risk management and electronic discovery to build true information intelligence. This webinar will enable you to understand what dark data is, why it’s not the same for everyone, and how you can use it to your organization’s benefit without breaking the bank.


February 17, 2016






Tom Barce
Kroll Ontrack

Tom Barce is the Director of Consulting Services for Kroll Ontrack. Mr. Barce brings over 18 years of experience in directing and managing electronic discovery and litigation support initiatives, delivering strategic vision, consultative services, and project management expertise. He has extensive experience in responding to complex electronic discovery demands in numerous litigation and regulatory matters.



Vincent M. Catanzaro
Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

Utilizing years of experience as a problem solver and team builder in the corporate setting, Vince works with clients to develop best practices and untangle issues related to data preservation, litigation management and international and cross-border collection. With a focus on strategic solutions to litigation and investigation complexities, Vince helps companies create policies governing information management and social networking, and navigate the technology implications related to mergers and acquisitions.


Cliff Nichols
Day Pitney LLP

Cliff Nichols works in the Commercial Litigation department and the White Collar Defense and Internal Investigations practice group. He is Ediscovery Counsel and directs all electronic investigation. Mr. Nichols has significant and extensive experience representing financial institutions in connection with insider trading, fraud, SEC compliance and other wrongdoings. He also designs and directs civil ediscovery and government subpoena responses for a wide range of clients including universities, hospitals, private equity firms and manufacturing.


Jim Michalowicz
TE Connectivity

James L. Michalowicz is the Senior Manager – Legal Operations Business Performance for TE Connectivity based in Berwyn, PA. He serves as the law department’s leader for the company’s TE Operating Advantage and Extraordinary Customer Experience programs. His areas of expertise include litigation management, eDiscovery, information governance and law department operations management. Mr. Michalowicz has worked 13 years in-house serving in various law department operation leadership roles at DuPont and Tyco International. He is a charter member of both the Sedona Conference Working Group One and Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute advisory board. In addition, Mr. Michalowicz is a Six Sigma black belt and has developed legal analytics models to measure the performance of legal services.


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