2015 SoCal

August 2-3, 2015


Omni La Costa Resort & Spa


The SoCal eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat is an informative and interactive gathering of corporate executives, in-house lawyers, outside counsel, judges, thought leaders, subject matter experts and top-rated eDiscovery & information governance service and technology vendors. While there is widespread agreement that information governance is important and necessary, there is far less agreement as to how an effective and legally defensible information governance program should be designed and implemented.

Our panel discussions, “war stories” and lessons learned will explore what companies are doing to organize and create policies specifying how their information – primarily electronic information – is created, stored, used, archived and deleted. We will look at the processes companies are using to maximize the use of their information, the debate as to which stakeholders should be involved in these processes, and whether adequate standards exist or need to be created in this area. The panels will also examine the interaction between legal issues and information governance efforts, including the effect of litigation holds, pending litigation, regulatory requirements and fear of discovery sanctions.

Whether you are new to the eDiscovery and information governance industry and seeking more information or want to increase your existing expertise, our Retreats will allow you to explore the latest issues and strategies with knowledgeable and experienced consultants, technologists, lawyers, thought leaders and your peers – all in one of California’s most beautiful places to visit: Carlsbad

With a full agenda of educational sessions, scheduled networking events, and family-friendly locations, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about these key issues in this relaxed setting. We invite you to explore our website, contact us with questions, and join us at this upcoming Retreat – where questions are answered at unquestionably scenic locations.


Join us for one day of discussions about the hot topics in eDiscovery and information governance. You’ll come away with a better understanding of current trends, best practices and emerging technologies.


Omni La Costa Resort & Spa
2100 Costa Del Mar Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92009


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$310/night. Please call 1 (800) 438-9217 and mention our group name “Ingenious”. All reservation requests and/or changes in reservations received after the cut-off date of Friday, July 10, 2015 will be accepted on a space and rate available basis.





Unparalleled advances in computing power and the ability to rapidly analyze data have been major drivers of business growth in the information economy. Traditional businesses have also come to rely heavily on analyzing data rapidly to make business decisions. This - while the volume, variety and velocity of data is increasing exponentially. One sector that has noticeably lagged behind is the legal industry. Relying on decades-old tools, technology and processes will not meet the challenges of finding, analyzing and deriving knowledge from the data deluge we are experiencing. This has to change. Fortunately, it is about to.
Industry experts with thousands of hours of internal investigation and eDiscovery experience discuss novel approaches to using IT, forensics and legal resources to greatly reduce the cost and increase the accuracy of an eDiscovery project. In this panel, attendees will hear the varying perspectives from inside counsel, outside counsel, software vendors and eDiscovery vendors, all of whom have “been there, done that”, and identified what worked and what didn’t.

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Information Governance professionals usually categorize corporate information into three buckets: records, almost-records, and junk. Almost-records are items that are business-related, but aren’t obvious records as dictated by regulatory, legal or business obligations. For example, an executed contract is a record, but an email about specific client requirements would be an almost-record.

Businesses typically have little insight into the content of almost-records and view them as minefields of unquantifiable risks - compliance risks, legal risks, and/or reputational risks.

Advanced technologies are now making it easier to classify and search almost-records, transforming this minefield into a “meadow of opportunity.” Organizations that embrace these new technologies will be able to mine their almost-records to gain business intelligence, conduct productivity assessments and identify and mitigate risks.

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iCONECT provides eDiscovery legal review software (XERA) and services to help organizations complete complex legal review projects more cost effectively.

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Haystac Indāgō is a content intelligence platform that helps companies understand and more effectively leverage the changing value of their content (emails, ESI, scanned documents, etc.) by enhancing content metadata in-place across any ECM platform.

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There is lots of attention on production. But once the production is done, someone needs to find the key documents. Panelists will discuss their winning strategies to find the documents that really matter.

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This panel will share and explore how eDiscovery practitioners are cutting costs, not corners, to reduce expenditures associated with today’s data and eDiscovery demands. What are leading providers, legal teams and corporations doing to control costs? How are they using technology? How are they employing alternative pricing arrangements, early assessment, and other means of reducing costs? What more can be done?

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Everlaw is building the world's most advanced litigation platform, beginning with ediscovery, by making the most cutting-edge technology accessible with elegant, intuitive design. We’re excited to show you why Everlaw is trusted by AmLaw 200 firms, 8 of the top 10 class action firms, and over 65% of state attorneys general.

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George Socha will be leading informal roundtable discussions. The roundtable discussions are small, informal group discussions that will give attendees the opportunity to exchange information, discuss best practices, and network with others around common themes and issues. Discussion facilitator(s) will identify and develop a topic that will allow participants to discuss how they are dealing with specific issues.

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