2015 SoCal

January 27, 2015

SoCal eDiscovery & IG Think Tank

Fairmont Grand Del Mar

2015 SoCal eDiscovery & IG Think Tank

Even though we frequently communicate with our colleagues and clients electronically, when it comes to cementing relationships, there is no substitute for face-to-face interactions. Advances in technology have also increased the need for thought leadership in the areas of eDiscovery and Information Governance. To meet these needs, Ingenious and Navigant will be hosting a Think Tank in San Diego on the subject of eDiscovery & Information Governance.

Each Think Tank is an intimate gathering of corporate executives, in-house/outside counsel, members of Ingenious and Navigant who will be coming together to discuss hot-button issues in eDiscovery and Information Governance over lunch. The objective is for the participants to share their knowledge and ideas with each other and to engage in thought provoking conversations that will benefit all participants. Lastly, summaries of the takeaways from the Think Tank will be emailed to all participants after the event.

The Think Tank will begin with registration, followed by stimulating discussion around eDiscovery and Information Governance, and conclude with lunch. A small number of participants at the event will ensure a casual atmosphere and provide ample opportunity for all voices to be heard.

We hope that you will get involved in the San Diego event and will find the Think Tank to be a valuable new forum for learning and growth.


Join us for one day of discussions about the hot topics in eDiscovery and information governance. You’ll come away with a better understanding of current trends, best practices and emerging technologies.


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Need room rates? If you're interested in attending or participating at the 2015 San Diego Think Tank, please contact info@thinkingenious.com.




The neglect of Information Governance policies has a direct correlation to rising business, infrastructure, and legal costs as well as creating the greatest risk to corporate assets, and yet, it is often abandoned in the face of time constraints, budget pressures, and shifting priorities. How do you make Information Governance a strategic priority for your organization, and weave it into the culture? How do you determine responsibility and authority? How do you go about getting employee buy-in and what role does software play in helping companies identify and dispose of unnecessary data and apply policies to all of your information, records and files?
Going beyond the cloud, there are emerging technologies that track and store information about you, and new security access points for consideration.Your Fitbit, your Nest, the stethoscope at the doctor’s office storing your personal health information - the list goes on. There are a host of new technologies that could/can contain potentially relevant data, and create new issues for eDiscovery. Many products in the (IoT) sphere are not created with litigation hold, preservation and collection in mind. Will The Internet of Things lead to the eDiscovery of everything? What challenges should eDiscovery practitioners come to expect?
Legal professionals regularly advise clients to ensure that the storage, retention, and accessibility of their Electronically-Stored Information (ESI) is in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements; however, what many practitioners may not realize is that the ESI that clients are required to produce for eDiscovery includes both “unstructured” and “structured” data. Searching and producing only one of these types of ESI may well not fully satisfy a client’s full discovery obligations. Even worse, it might not present a full understanding of the factual issues in the matter and how to best prove them to the legal team. What is the core value of structured data to discovery? What are the eDiscovery issues attached to enterprise-wide structured database systems? What are the challenges with identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, and analyzing structured data? What role does Big data analytics tools play?