2015 NorCal

April 26-27, 2015

Norcal eDiscovery & IG Retreat

The Meritage Resort and Spa


The NorCal eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat is an informative and interactive gathering of corporate executives, in-house lawyers, outside counsel, judges, thought leaders, subject matter experts and top-rated eDiscovery & information governance service and technology vendors. While there is widespread agreement that information governance is important and necessary, there is far less agreement as to how an effective and legally defensible information governance program should be designed and implemented.

Our panel discussions, “war stories” and lessons learned will explore what companies are doing to organize and create policies specifying how their information – primarily electronic information – is created, stored, used, archived and deleted. We will look at the processes companies are using to maximize the use of their information, the debate as to which stakeholders should be involved in these processes, and whether adequate standards exist or need to be created in this area. The panels will also examine the interaction between legal issues and information governance efforts, including the effect of litigation holds, pending litigation, regulatory requirements and fear of discovery sanctions.

Whether you are new to the eDiscovery and information governance industry and seeking more information or want to increase your existing expertise, our Retreats will allow you to explore the latest issues and strategies with knowledgeable and experienced consultants, technologists, lawyers, thought leaders and your peers – all in one of California’s most beautiful places to visit: Napa Valley

With a full agenda of educational sessions, scheduled networking events, and family-friendly locations, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about these key issues in this relaxed setting. We invite you to explore our website, contact us with questions, and join us at this upcoming Retreat – where questions are answered at unquestionably scenic locations.


Join us for one day of discussions about the hot topics in eDiscovery and information governance. You’ll come away with a better understanding of current trends, best practices and emerging technologies.


The Meritage Resort and Spa
875 Bordeaux Way
Napa, CA 94558


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$225/night. Please call (707) 251-1920 and mention our group name “Ingenious”. All reservation requests and/or changes in reservations received after the cut-off date of Monday, April 6, 2015 will be accepted on a space and rate available basis.




What eDiscovery Needs to Survive the Big Data Tsunami.
Hyper growth companies dealing with different levels of litigation and investigations are also dealing with growing vendor costs. What are some different approaches to managing some or all of the EDRM under the corporate umbrella to control legal spend?

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It is no surprise that data breaches are on the rise. What is surprising is that while the majority are due to a malicious outsider attack, causes such as accidental data loss, physical data loss, and insider attacks comprise a significant set of secondary reasons. The learning? Building a wall around your data with the best technology is only part of the solution. Ensuring security requires a web not a wall…people, process, and technology coordinated across the IG spectrum. This cross-functional panel discussion will help companies learn what to incorporate in a security-driven data governance plan, who should be at the helm, and first steps in responding effectively in the aftermath of a data breach.

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Nearly 4 years have passed since the Rader Model Order. Where are we today? How has it changed the landscape? We will also talk about the Delaware Model Default, the ND Cal Model, and the Mandatory Oregon Patent Order. We have reduced custodians, managed search terms, and improved cooperation. Shouldn’t we be using it in every jurisdiction and on every case?

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This session will explore how to create and implement the policies, procedures and training necessary to keep an organization's most important asset-its proprietary information safe from a cyber-physical attack. Before determining what information governance policies to undertake, what exactly needs to be secured? What role does information governance play in protecting your company's reputation and market share?

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From protecting sensitive customer data from cyber threats, to complying with data privacy laws, corporate information governance projects are quickly becoming “must do” projects. How can legal teams leverage these information governance projects for their own eDiscovery needs? What are some of the practical steps corporations can take to produce measurable benefits from information governance? How do these information governance projects impact the role of outside counsel?

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There are a wide variety of technology-assisted review (predictive coding) systems, algorithms, and methodologies. This session will focus on situations where some systems or approaches may fail, and provide tips for staying out of trouble.

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Today's discovery landscape is more challenging than ever. A growing trend that we are seeing are employees that are utilizing their own technology without the knowledge of their employer. From email servers under the desk at someone's home, to Android and Apple wearables, we will discuss the best practices and lessons learned on the international stage.
Some say that if you're not on social media, you're missing out what's happening, you're not participating in the conversation or...you just might not exist. While that might or might not be true, social media presents some unique risks and challenges for eDiscovery attorneys and professionals. In this panel, we’ll discuss those risks and challenges, as well as some practical solutions to those issues.

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Over the last year, every size company has been hit by a data event. Traditional defenses are not working as insiders and outsiders are pushing the limits of the organization. How can the organization respond? What safeguards or governance policies can be put in place? In the event of a data incident, what Discovery challenges should you be prepared for? Having worked on hundreds of data incident cases, Navigant and the panel of experts will walk through scenarios to help participants understand the threat matrix.

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Producing parties have broad discretion in conducting discovery, and are expected to proceed with a high degree of transparency and cooperation. Between these competing principles is a broad swath of uncertainty stemming from inconsistent case law, rules, and advisory opinions. Hear expert perspectives on how to navigate 26(f) negotiations, ESI orders, and workflow choices for an efficient and defensible eDiscovery process.

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