2015 East Coast

November 8-9, 2015


Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

2015 East Coast eDiscovery & IG Retreat

The East Coast eDiscovery & Information Governance Retreat is an informative and interactive gathering of corporate executives, in-house lawyers, outside counsel, judges, thought leaders, subject matter experts and top-rated eDiscovery & information governance service and technology vendors. While there is widespread agreement that information governance is important and necessary, there is far less agreement as to how an effective and legally defensible information governance program should be designed and implemented.

Our panel discussions, “war stories” and lessons learned will explore what companies are doing to organize and create policies specifying how their information – primarily electronic information – is created, stored, used, archived and deleted. We will look at the processes companies are using to maximize the use of their information, the debate as to which stakeholders should be involved in these processes, and whether adequate standards exist or need to be created in this area. The panels will also examine the interaction between legal issues and information governance efforts, including the effect of litigation holds, pending litigation, regulatory requirements and fear of discovery sanctions.

Whether you are new to the eDiscovery and information governance industry and seeking more information or want to increase your existing expertise, our Retreats will allow you to explore the latest issues and strategies with knowledgeable and experienced consultants, technologists, lawyers, thought leaders and your peers – all in one of Massachusetts’s most beautiful places to visit: Harwich, Cape Cod

With a full agenda of educational sessions, scheduled networking events, and family-friendly locations, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about these key issues in this relaxed setting. We invite you to explore our website, contact us with questions, and join us at this upcoming Retreat – where questions are answered at unquestionably scenic locations.


Join us for one day of discussions about the hot topics in eDiscovery and information governance. You’ll come away with a better understanding of current trends, best practices and emerging technologies.


Wequassett Resort and Golf Club
2173 MA-28
Harwich, MA 02645
Phone: (508) 432-5400
Website: http://www.wequassett.com


Boston Logan International Airport
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Barnstable Municipal Airport
480 Barnstable Rd
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Phone: (508) 775-2020
Website: http://www.town.barnstable.ma.us/airport/


$245/night. Please call (707) 251-1920 and mention our group name "Ingenious". All reservation requests and/or changes in reservations received after the cut-off date of Monday, April 6, 2015 will be accepted on a space and rate available basis.






Meet with your fellow peers. Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Take this opportunity to learn more about one another and freely discuss best practices, recent trends, latest developments, etc.

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Unparalleled advances in computing power and the ability to rapidly analyze data have been major drivers of business growth in the information economy. Traditional businesses have also come to rely heavily on analyzing data rapidly to make business decisions. This - while the volume, variety and velocity of data is increasing exponentially. One sector that has noticeably lagged behind is the legal industry. Relying on decades-old tools, technology and processes will not meet the challenges of finding, analyzing and deriving knowledge from the data deluge we are experiencing. This has to change. Fortunately, it is about to.
There are many obstacles preventing meaningful adoption of better, cheaper, and faster eDiscovery tools. The majority, though, are plainly - inevitably - surmountable. Rules will be amended. Costs will come down. And if not now, then soon, judges, regulators, clients, and opposing parties will demand the kinds of results that can only be delivered using next-generation products.

The only problem left then will be the lawyers. In this session, we will explore the practical challenges that lawyers face preparing themselves and their organizations to get past that problem point. Our panel will discuss key questions based on real-world experience, including: What can firms do to prepare their incoming and existing attorneys so as to fully realize the value-add of next-generation tools? How can firms and vendors form and leverage meaningful relationships in a rapidly-changing market? And how can clients know they are getting the most value from their legal services providers?

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Since 2000, companies transferring data from the EU to the US have relied upon the Safe Harbor regime to address EU requirements regarding safeguards for personal information.

However, with the decision of the European Court of Justice on 6th October 2015, that regime is no longer considered to provide adequate protection for personal data.

What does this mean from a practical perspective, for corporations involved in cross border investigations or litigation? Join our esteemed panel to canvass these issues and participate in a stimulating discussion regarding options and potential solutions.

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Imagine a world in which big data only gets bigger. A world in which we interact with a dozen or more items in the course of a day that are “wired”, unassumingly gathering information about us and our interactions with our environment. When this “Internet of Things” becomes a reality, the deluge of data discoverable in legal actions will dwarf the data tsunami generated from social media, mobile devices, email accounts and hard drives engulfing litigation teams today in 2015. It will be a brave, new world of digital law and practice. This presentation, taught by seasoned eDiscovery professionals, will explore:

-Important ethical considerations as related to eDiscovery
-The impact that new technologies have on ethical responsibilities
-How to prepare for this new growing source of litigation data

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Data visualization allows attorneys to see trends, patterns and outliers represented as easy to understand charts, graphs, pictograms and info-graphics creating an understanding of complex content in seconds rather than hours, saving time and costs. So what’s truly behind this trend? How is data visualization being used today and what real-world problems is it solving? Join our esteemed panel as they answer these questions and more.

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Everyone is talking about Information Governance, but how many corporations have comprehensive and unified strategies in place? The task may seem daunting. Simply knowing where all your data is can be a challenge. This session will explore how to begin designing and implementing an Information Governance strategy. Concerned about resources? The panelists will also discuss what you can do with a limited budget to minimize risks and position your corporation for more effective response to litigation, investigations and regulatory requirements.

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Recordkeeping laws have not kept pace with technology. Organizations are struggling to maximize the value of their corporate information AND to comply with open records and eDiscovery requirements. Records management laws, open records, and e-discovery laws do not agree on the definition of a “record”. When we invoke corporate email management policy reconcile the differences, will that policy satisfy the courts? This panel addresses attorney perspectives, records manager’s perspectives (both private and public); and discusses possible email management policies that can satisfy everyone.

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Well-publicized data breaches, from customer credit card data to employee health records, highlight the increasing need for companies to better secure truly sensitive data. This can be difficult for any organization, but especially challenging for global companies with multiple law firms and service providers handling its legal, regulatory and investigative activities. How can companies ensure that its data is securely managed before, during and after matters? How can they ensure these processes are in accordance with industry-specific regulations? Our expert panel will discuss practical steps your organization can take to minimize information security threats across the corporate ecosystem, including data privacy considerations.

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Thought leaders and e-discovery practitioners often discuss how information governance strategies, technology-assisted review and/or other methodologies can be used to decrease costs and distill more knowledge from data. However, this panel will share and explore how legal-tech teams can actually implement efficient information governance policies and use data analytics in reasonable and defensible manners. Panelists will also discuss the actual and perceived obstacles and barriers that hinder governance and e-Discovery stakeholders from being progressive regarding the use of current and developing concepts and technologies. All attendees of the session are invited to share their success stories and efficient "best practices".€

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Join us as we show you a new era of eDiscovery and a new innovation created to solve one of the industry's most pressing and costly problems – disconnected and inefficient workflows. ADD has unleashed the power of data streaming by eliminating the usual starts and stops and reducing human interaction when preparing data for review. By attending this session, you’ll see how ADD helps you avoid time delays, errors, and budget overruns common in other eDiscovery systems.€

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Effectively handling eDiscovery in the ordinary course of litigation can be hard enough. But how do you confidently manage and succeed when your legal matters are moving at warp speed? In our own expedited session, our panel of current and former in-house and outside counsel, technologists and federal prosecutors will share their insights gathered from the front lines running intense government investigations, rocket docket patent litigation, departing employee and theft of trade secret cases, HSR2 requests, and global FCPA and other rapid investigations.€

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Cybersecurity ranks high on the list of things that keep C-Suiters up at night. Today's enterprises are spending more each year on improved perimeter defenses, but are they sufficiently focused on the role IG should play in improving the company's cybersecurity profile? This panel will discuss how IG affects cybersecurity and provide easy to implement IG solutions to address some of the most common causes of security incidents and mitigate the fallout of data breaches.

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Discuss the strategy for implementing a global physical and electronic scoping exercise. Collaborate on information governance concerns that companies face during M&A and how they can ensure that information is secure.

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Think, Drink, & Be Social is a traveling event moving from city to city. It's our goal to bring people together, to make connections, and share innovative ideas. Come and network with other eDiscovery professionals and have the opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed, social environment where fun, networking and open dialogue are the talk of the town.

George Socha will be moderating our informal roundtable discussions. The roundtable discussions are small, informal group discussions that gives attendees the opportunity to exchange information, discuss best practices, and network with others around common themes and issues.

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