We help companies develop strategic plans with three types of events





Think Tanks



The Retreats, Workshops and Think Tanks are purpose-built to educate corporate Legal and IT stakeholders on emerging technologies, current trends and best practices in each of our focus areas.
We provide companies with the finest Legal and IT talent, re-sell cutting-edge technologies and give warm introductions to outside legal counsel​.
The end result: an INGENIOUS solution, specifically designed to solve real business issues.

Focus Areas

In each of our focus areas, Ingenious has developed a network of end-users and subject matter experts, each of whom contributes their unique perspective and insights at our events. The Ingenious Partner Ecosystem leverages this aggregated knowledge in order to tackle business challenges that sparked heated debate and discussion at our events. Together developing real solutions that can be implemented into your business.

eDiscovery & Information Governance

By establishing an information governance program, companies will see a decrease in their overall costs associated with electronic discovery. Elements of information governance which companies need to pay particular attention to include: security, privacy, compliance, storage, archiving and records management. Incorporating change management and on-going training will ensure compliance and adoption of the program company-wide.

Master Data Management & Data Governance

As more data becomes freed up and made more accessible to personnel and departments, and the use of advanced analytics becomes more common, companies have an even greater opportunity to derive real-time insights about their business and customers.

Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big ​data ​is ​creating new ​and exciting ​​business ​opportunities for companies. To realize the ​true ​value of Big data, companies need the right people, ​technology, data and a strong focus on continuous tuning and optimization for the long-term.

Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection

In today’s day and age, Cybersecurity is one of the most important concerns for any company. It’s essential that companies keep their data, applications and customer data safe from system attacks, intruders, malware and viruses.

Digital Forensics Investigation & Analysis

It's no secret that the number of internal investigations in companies is growing. Recovering, analyzing and presenting data found on computers is becoming increasingly commonplace - what you don't know will keep you up at night.

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Companies looking to embed Big data and advanced analytics in existing business intelligence architectures will generate new business insights - transform big data to agile data.


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The Retreats are an excellent forum for the learning and sharing of best practices and high-quality networking with peers - all taking place at the country’s most beautiful resorts.



The Workshops offer companies the opportunity to have attorneys, consultants and technologists guide a group of stakeholders through a selection of key trends identified by company leaders as significant to them at the company’s headquarter​.​



Think Tanks

The Think Tanks provide companies with a chance to bounce ideas off of their peers, attorneys, consultants and technologists in a small intimate setting over breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Technology Partners



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