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INGENIOUS is an innovative approach to strategy and technology consulting, purpose-built to serve corporate Legal and IT departments, providing strategic advice and intelligence on emerging technologies.

We give companies multiple ways to get strategic about their strategic planning through three event types: Retreats; Workshops; Think Tanks


At the Retreats, attendees learn about a wide variety of topics in a relaxed and intimate setting, surrounded by other corporate practitioners, attorneys, judges, thought leaders, subject matter experts and best-of-breed technology vendors.


The Workshops offer companies the opportunities to have attorneys and consultants guide a group of stakeholders through a selection of key trends identified by company leaders as significant to them at the company’s headquarter​.

Think Tanks

The Think Tanks provide companies with a chance to bounce ideas off of ​other corporate ​practitioners​, attorneys and consultants​ who know the ins and outs of the​ir respective​ industry. Attendance is limited to foster dialogue among all participants.


Our events are an informal and interactive gathering of corporate executives, in-house lawyers, outside counsel, judges, thought leaders, subject matter experts, service providers, consulting firms, and technology vendors.

Attendees gain invaluable experience listening to engaging panel discussions and case studies, exchanging ideas with other industry professionals, catching up with old friends and making new ones. Technology has changed, and continues to change, the ways in which companies communicate with their customers and maintain business records as well as the skills lawyers need to meet the needs of their clients. We focus on the issues and challenges companies face as a result of advances in technology and the proliferation of data, including cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, information governance and eDiscovery, business intelligence and data warehousing, master data management and data governance, records and information management, information economics, digital forensics investigation and analysis, and Big Data and advanced analytics.

Are you new to a particular industry? Are you seeking to increase your existing expertise? Our events will allow you to explore the latest issues and develop strategic directions with INGENIOUS’ team of experienced attorneys, consultants, thought leaders, subject matter experts and your peers.

With a full agenda of educational sessions, networking events, and family-friendly locations, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about these key issues in this relaxed setting. We invite you to explore our website, contact us with questions, and join us at an upcoming event - where questions are answered at unquestionably scenic locations.

Partner Ecosystem

In each of our practice areas, INGENIOUS has developed a network of end users and subject matter experts, each of whom contributes their unique perspective and insight at our events. The INGENIOUS Partner Ecosystem leverages this aggregated knowledge in order to tackle business challenges that sparked heated debate and discussion at our events. Together developing real solutions that can be implemented into your business.

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